How it works


Strategy communication – getting started

      • We work with you to clarify your business differentiation – the part of your strategy that is truly compelling, the emotion, what gets people involved. Every strategy has it; we help you bring it out.
      • Then we turn to positioning. What’s the wider story about what you want to do? We help you make it simple, clear and memorable.
      • With clarity comes confidence: the belief that you can truly implement your business strategy, effect change, have a real impact. That’s the basis of a strong plan.

And confidence is contagious. Now is the time to get your wider team involved.


Spreading belief in – and enthusiasm for – your strategy

      • In any given group of experienced professionals, the answers to strategic questions are almost always “already in the room.” When it comes to implementation, people have opinions and ideas worth listening to, want to contribute, feel like they are making a difference.
      • Through professionally-created interactions, we help you tap into this wealth of knowledge and channel it towards enthusiasm for the strategy – for what it needs to succeed and to reach its full potential.

Align personal goals with the strategy

We encourage you to go one step further – speak with your team members about their careers. As an integral part of the strategy.

      • Ask a few questions. What’s in it for each person? How will contributing to the strategy help achieve his or her aspirations, personal and professional?
      • Short and effective interactions can make all the difference in how each team member feels motivated to contribute. It’s a dialogue that fits in the business.

And again, clarity breeds confidence. The clearer individuals can get on their own goals and how contributing to the business strategy helps achieve their aspirations, the more confident they will grow in their beliefs that they can make them happen – for the strategy and for themselves, too.

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